Though the arson was thwarted,
You still saw my flame,
As I burned for you, lonely,
A disaster, you tamed.

It didnt take much,
For your voice to settle,
My pain, boiled over,
Through hot, blackened metal.

Still I sit in the water,
The truth scorched on my skin,
Its me against her,
In a fight I wont win.


Bearing down, I tell myself,
That I must not float away,
But with a young heart’s flutter,
I begin to lose this weight.

Being freed of such a burden,
Is too much to deny,
Rising with no fear at all,
And hoping that I’ll fly.

Though I attempted caution,
I could not anticipate,
Falling lightly toward you,
Just to watch you turn away.

I cannot say I blame you,
But I only wanted wings,
Gravity has been cruel to me,
My heart pulled through my feet.

I ran back to the comfort,
Of the weight that I’d forgotten,
Added to it’s tons now,
Is the smile I’d been lost in.

Never have I changed this part,
Still I call it a regression,
So I keep on simply adding weight,
Proof I’ve never learned my lesson.


I dreamt a dream,
That I looked in the water,
An image, I thought,
Would be my mother’s daughter.
Instead, as I peered,
I was startled to see,
A reflection of someone,
I’d long yearned to be.
With all of my humor,
My joy, and my laughter,
And none of the pieces,
That are seldom sought after.
Curious to me,
The reflection, I knew,
It, of course, wasn’t me,
Nor a stranger, but you.
As I stepped back to see,
The soul that I mirrored,
My eyes drew wide,
As the face became clearer.
I turned to flee,
The image now branded,
No sooner to find,
The reflection disbanded.
For the soul that I’d witnessed,
In that slow, steady stream,
Now stood before me,
The man of my dreams.
I was jolted awake,
My desire, now clear,
Just to open my eyes,
And see you weren’t here.
Such a torment to me,
This dream-fashioned fear,
That I might see your eyes,
With each look in the mirror.
Though I attempted to hide,
My intention was blighted,
As this came to be,
A love, unrequited.

Rain Dance

Better I say,
That I played with the sky,
As you sit at your window,
Wondering why.
You question my mind,
“Is she sane? Is she sound?”
Better I say,
That I played with the ground.
Splashing on tip toes,
In the water that sits,
There for our pleasure,
From sky to my lips.
Better I say,
That I played with the clouds,
Than to scold or, nay, curse them,
For pouring on down.
Some gifts we are given,
We deem them a nuisance,
We don’t thank the gravity,
Though her pull’s never loosened.
So I stand in the open,
And give thanks to the sky,
As the universe greets me,
My arms open wide.
I dance and I spin,
Perhaps skip back and forth,
Praising sky and the ground,
And the clouds, I adore.
Better I say,
That I played in the rain,
Than to try to convince you,
That my actions are sane.
And if I do see,
A young girl in a dress,
Touching wet ground,
Where her feet there are pressed,
I may run out and greet her,
My bare feet, too, shown,
For no one seen dancing,
Should be dancing alone.
Better I say,
That I played with the sky,
Than to sit at my window,
Simply wondering why.


If only you’d have said so,
The thorns that scratched your soul,
The thoughts that made you weary,
Then someone might have known.

If only you’d have said so,
That weight you carried, known,
Your tender hearted smile,
We now know was just for show.

If only you’d have said so,
Someone may have turned around,
And returned the helping hand to you,
That you’d always offered down.

Not all wounds will bleed,
And not all scars will fade,
But you didn’t have to fight alone,
In that war you had to wage.

I’m still here, and waiting,
For the next mind, scathed and scratched,
For thoughts are enemies that we,
Sometimes cannot match.

And if one day we meet again,
In the light of heaven’s glow,
I’ll tell you what I couldn’t say before,
“If only you’d have said so.”

Twin Flame

The thoughts that make you fragile,

Are the ones that steal your tongue,

Spitting them like fire,

They burn straight through your lungs.

You take the only parts that I,

Have mended, glued, and sewn,

And rip them open, wide and red,

From scars, new wounds are grown.

I thought I’d long forgotten,

How to cry for you,

But here I sit, with wettened eyes,

And mascara runs you drew.

It’s never like the last time,

Everytime I break,

But I will not resent you,

For a choice you did not make.

Your mind, it speaks of evil,

But I know of your heart.

How could love live at all,

If hate never played it’s part?

I believe you’re stronger,

Than your deepest, darkest dreams,

When you’re living in your head so long,

Perhaps nightmares come to be.

No distant stetch between us,

Could ever steal my love,

No matter how your fire spreads,

I’ll forever lift you up.

I will sit beside you,

Through damned and blessed be,

For I could never live without,

This other half of me.


Don’t listen to the words I speak,

If you’d like to know my heart.

The roads I’ve had to walk on,

Are spilled on paper, turned to art.

Instead, just look into my eyes,

When I silence at a song,

Remnants of a pain I’ve known,

My desolation sings along.

Take notice when I falter,

My mended pieces tend to crack,

This building pressure takes me,

My lightest bits are turned to black.

But given just one moment,

To breathe the darkness from my lungs,

I’ll expel the pressure,

Replacing it with love.

The traveled path was rugged,

Filled with rocks and thorns,

But I fall back to clarity,

Every day I am reborn.

So help me through this newfound brush,

And mend my freshened wounds,

These new tribulations,

I’ll gladly share with you.

You found me on this road,

And I’ve put such work into this path,

That I would sooner take your aid,

If you’d not ask me to look back.

Don’t listen to the words I speak,

They say nothing of my heart.

The only way to know my soul,

Soaks this paper, turned to art.


Never have I felt that shine,

The one you see in passers by,

The warmth of love within their eyes,

A fraction has been felt by mine.

Never have I felt the weight,

My chest relieved of sorrows great,

Lifted would they come to be,

As one would carry weight with me.

Never have I had one thought,

But several through one day and on,

To stay, to leave, to turn around,

One thing has yet to hold me down.

Twice or so, I changed myself,

Though never once for someone else,

For never have I yearned to be,

Something someone else would need.

I wish that I could be so warm,

How cold as is my body’s form,

Looking for my sun to shine,

To kiss my face, that which is mine.

Someone come to nourish me,

In all the warmth that summer brings,

I’ll praise the day my sun will call,

Kissed only now by cold snowfall.